Vice Chair
Don Brown

Name                                               Office                                      Term

Linda Weathersby                    Past Chair person  

Don Brown                                Chairman                                        2017                      

Paula Loftin                                Vice Chair                                       2018

Sara Rouse                                 Financial Chair                               2017

Laura Todd                                 Executive Director

Stacy Gaskins                              Director                                         2018

Linda Tucker                                Director                                         2019

Gwen Yiznitsky                             Director                                         2019

Dr. Chena Cayton                        At Large                                        2017

La Rita Johnson                            At Large                                        2017

Will Paramore                               At Large                                        2017

Glen Webb                                    Pitt County Ex-Officio                  2018

Stephen Smith                              Ayden Ex-Officio                           2017

Executive Director
Laura Todd

Dr. Chena Cayton
At Large

2017 Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Past Chair
Stacy Gaskins

Finance Director
Sara Rouse

 (252) 746-2266

235 W 3rd St, Ayden, NC 28513 US